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Friday, February 13, 2015

So proud of my 16 year be :-)

Happy 16th birthday to one of the greatest blessings I've ever received. My daughter loves physical fitness and there was a time when I had to drag her out of the house to go for one of my 5 mile  walks. I mean she would literally whine the entire way until we were about 10 minutes from home! She would make my walks miserable at times on beautiful days when I loved to be outside and I'd hear this kid in the background stopping every 10 minutes to drink water, fix her shoe anything to try and convince me to turn around and go back home LOL!

Well, today she is thanking me and I never prompted a thank you either. She just came up to me one day and said "You know, I'm glad you didn't let me sit at home, snack and watch television everyday but made me go exercise with I love it!" Almost too much to the point where she tries to exercise at midnight and I'd have to make her go to bed! (hmm...wonder where she got that from?) With her Dad being insulin diabetic and HIS Dad and MY Dad, I told her the only fighting chance she had of not getting it is to get up and move! I'm 52 and have always taken care of my health (not eating the best things but you didn't have to make me workout :-) my doctor tells me that I could become diabetic because of genetics as I have issues with low BS. He say's I'm doing all the right things and the only thing that will predict I do become diabetic or not, is Genetics and time.

So...I add this little story to this cake to anyone reading out there who hasn't gotten up off that couch and hasn't stopped eating junk that you know isn't good for you (in excess, I do believe in moderation you can eat anything). But maybe somewhere inside you hear that little voice saying "just try it, 20 minutes a day". You can even do it while watching television if that is what you like to do. If you have a 30 minute program you like to watch each day, get a glass of water, get up and just jog in place while it's on! Take water breaks during one commercial and keep going! You can do it! And nobody's watching. Take care of your health and by the grace of'll learn to love taking care of your temples that God has given you and maybe even one day share your story to encourage someone else :-).

Cake: 1\2 vanilla vanilla, half Red Velvet.

For one of the best Karate Instructors!

Saying farewell to one great Karate Instructor, you will be missed Instructor Grimmett! I started taking Kempo Karate with my daughter when she was 10. I did it because I wasn't getting any younger and wanted to stay in shape and share something special with her.  I enrolled her because she was so shy and I thought that would help...well, IT DID! The girl is AWESOME and ready for that "First Date" LOL!

 I've taught my daughter since she was school age not to take any crap from any man (or woman I might add). I've taught her to respect others and be kind, even to those who may not be so kind to you because you never know what they may be going through. I've taught her that no one has the right to touch you without your permission and if they do, that's when you have full rights to defend yourself. 

I love martial arts because we are taught that violence is the "Last resort" and you don't go around picking a fight just because you can defend yourself (or you think you can). When taking martial arts some folks get cocky but actually it's pretty humbling because they teach us things that can take a life in a instant. I believe that is why our Instructor Professor Johnson is always so calm, he rarely gets excited or angry because if you come up against him? Unless you are a sniper and he doesn't "see" you? You're going down! And he's teaching us everything he knows. 

I say it's humbling because the more I know the more humble I become, it makes you sit back and evaluate crazy people or people who just react without thinking. You know, those people who get up in your face and wait for "YOU" to make the first move as if you were in elementary school where you'd dare a person to knock the chip off your shoulder? I giggle when I think about that because those people where actually the most fearful ones and most were hoping you wouldn't knock it off LOL! A wise thing my Father said to me once about guns (as he owned one), he said "If you ever pull out a gun you'd better be ready to use it, you don't flash it or pretend, when you take it should your enemy be". 

It's like one female instructor told me once "If you start fighting...DON'T STOP UNTIL THEY ARE DOWN". And so, I remember that because our skills aren't something to "flash" and show-off....that's just dumb and anyone who would do that should not be taking martial arts. We take it seriously and just like a gun don't take it out unless you are going to use it.  

Cake: Vanilla vanilla, decor made from all edible material.