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Friday, March 27, 2015

Minecraft Cake

I had NO CLUE what Minecraft was until I received this order. The name reminded me of a war game or something only to find out it's all about building "HOUSES"! Go figure...This cake is a strawberry swirl with fresh strawberry jam filling.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Shortly before giving birth to Briaunna I remember confessing to my Doctor that I was afraid. He said only 5 words to me that I would never forget...."Remember, my grace is sufficient". I was like..." Is that all you got?!", and he just smiled. The definition rang crystal clear when I came close to losing my life while giving birth (I'll spare you the're welcome 😅). But, grace is something we don't and will never deserve (unmerited favor). God put the right Doctor on staff that day to save my life and the next morning he recounted the details of how grim my situation had turned. I saw tears in his eyes as I told him I was all prayed up before giving birth and part of that prayer was having the right Doctor on staff and thanked him for being there. As Military Hospitals go, basically,..."Ya git what cha git and you don't throw a fit!". So the more I read this scripture and apply it to the things that occur and have occurred in my life...the more crystal clear it becomes. I believe that the best times of our lives will surface, when we give up our limited abilities to handle our problems and just surrender them to God and watch Him work it out better than we EVER could!